Photo Radar Review

Automated Traffic Enforcement (Photo Radar Review)

The Police Commission initiated a review of automated traffic enforcement use in Medicine Hat in an effort to ensure that it is being used as an effective tool to enhance road safety. The review was comprised of three phases;

  • Phase one involved a review of the historical and current operational practices surrounding the use of photo radar enforcement in Medicine Hat.  On April 16, 2015 the Police Commission received a comprehensive report from the Medicine Hat Police Service, A Review of Automated Traffic Enforcement Use in Medicine Hat, which outlined the history, legal framework and authorities, policy and procedures and current operational practices.
  • Phase two of the review provided an opportunity for the members of the Police Commission to meet independently with community members to discuss the Review of Automated Traffic Enforcement Report, and gather feedback.  On November 19, 2015 a Photo Radar Open House and Information Session was held at the Medicine Hat College.  Members of the public were provided with an opportunity to speak directly with members of the Police Commission and provide their feedback. For those unable to attend a web form was available until November 30 to submit feedback electronically.
  • Phase three of the review is a final report which was made available to the public at the March 17th Police Commission meeting. This final report was prepared after an analysis of the feedback from the community, in conjunction with the initial report. Several themes were identified in the Community submissions and have been directly addressed, in addition, the Police Commission also added to those themes based on the verbal feedback from the Open House and general opportunities for improvement.

Photo Radar Review Final Report

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A Review of Automated Traffic Enforcement Use in Medicine Hat

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